Posted by: rodalex87 | May 9, 2010

Arms Open: Defined

Jesus is calling me to Himself but I’m still trusting in self
I’m following my own heart but now I realize that I’m only killing myself
Like a baby who walks but then stumbles because of fear
I continue to be scared to death like headlights shining in the eyes of a deer
Like in verse 29 of Matt 14 Jesus is calling me to come
But like in verse 30 when I see the winds I turn around and run
I’m no different than Peter in thinking it’s easy to seek His face
And no different than Peter when trials come I sink and fail to complete the race
But praise be to God that this isn’t a one attempt event
But this invitation is still available because of the few hours spent
On the cross where Jesus spread his arms out so wide
Remember that day when our Lord and Savior died?
For 2,000 years his arms have remained open
Inviting anyone who wants to come to Him and no longer be roped in
Roped in sin no more but freedom to fellowship with the Most High
The way to the Father became available because The Son was willing to die
Because the gospel message is still in effect
I can get up and keep pursuing even if it causes me to sweat
Because something inside of me believes I will be protected
As I pursue my true calling, spending eternity with The One who resurrected.


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