Posted by: rodalex87 | October 11, 2010

Rejecting Love


It’s your Father.  I am hurt and deeply grieved and wanted to talk to you about my feelings.  I simply want to know what wrong did I do to you? What led you to willingly reject me and say “No Father, I don’t care about doing it your way right now.  I’m going to please myself in the way that I think I ought to be pleased”?

Do you remember that I love you so much that I sat and watched my only Son die a gruesome death, even though I had the power to prevent this fatality?  Do you remember that although my Son had everything and was Everything I sent Him to earth to become nothing just for you?  I did all of this just so that it could be possible for us to hang out and spend everlasting time together.  I want to give you true love, but you have decided to seek love elsewhere.

Beloved, I think you have a misunderstanding of love.  You have your own idea of what love is supposed to look like. When I do not accommodate for your selfish desires you think I’m rejecting you of love and you reject me.  You offend me by pursuing sin in an aimless search for love.  Beloved, I define love –  I AM Love.  Just think about it.  Seek love outside of me and continue to be disappointed or seek me and receive love eternally.  It’s your choice.

Hoping you come spend time with me soon.


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