Posted by: rodalex87 | November 6, 2011

God is Not Superman

You know the classic superhero stories.  The bad guy is about to defeat the good people and at the absolute last moment the superherocomes to save the day.  The people don’t die and they live happily ever after. I used to think the same thing about God.  I always believed that when I faced a difficult circumstance He would come through at the last moment and save me from having to dramatically give up my life.  But now, I am not as foolish…

            I spent four months this year praying that God would bless me in specifically in my career and finances.  When the circumstances looked a little doubtful that I would receive the blessing, I accredited the circumstances to being God’s set up to come in miraculously at the last minute like any other superhero and bless me with everything I had been praying for.  I felt that since I believed he would do it then it would be done.  However, I really DIDN’T get the blessing in my career and finances I wanted and I really did have to take a job that stretches me financially.  My happily ever after story did not become one of sharing with others how God came through in the last minute but rather my story is one of a God who knew the greedy and impure motives of my heart and is using this circumstance to bless me with a pure heart (Matt. 5:8) and a deeper trust in Him (Hebrews 13:5).  All while blessing my God-glorifying desire by giving me part-time work that allows me to minister in the inner city.   

            In the book Kingdom Come author Allen Wakabayashi says “resurrection is not about God coming in the nick of time to save the day but about God coming after the corpse is dead and buried” (p. 172).  I’ve been living with an Abraham mindset when I’ve actually been called to live like Christ.  Remember Abraham?  He’s the man God told to sacrifice his son Isaac but just as Abraham was about to kill Isaac an angel came (in the nick of time) and stopped Abraham.  But see, God DIDN’T stop the people from killing His Son; Jesus REALLY died.  In the same way, I really must die to all things of this world so I can be born again (resurrected) and live forever with God.  As a Christian of some time now, I am very familiar with the call to die to self.  But it takes a whole new meaning when I see it practically applied to my life.

            Therefore, anyone who chooses to come after Christ in a pursuit of the everlasting love, grace and peace of God and His kingdom must come knowing that it will come with many sacrifices.  God will not step in and save us from having to die to the (seemingly good) things of this world, but He does promise to save us from the eternal death that awaits everyone that chooses the easier way.

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