Posted by: rodalex87 | December 16, 2012

Connecticut Shooting and The Bible

The shooting in Connecticut has left us all with one burning question: WHY?  I find myself regularly checking CNN to learn the latest developments in the police search of clues to figure out what motivated Adam Larza to kill 26 people, most of them 6 and 7 years old.

I think before we try to piece everything together we should simply weep, as individuals, as communities, as a nation, and as a world.  If you haven’t already been brought to tears over this incident, please take time to feel the pain of the parents of the dead children.  Imagine putting your kid’s clothes on one morning, giving them a kiss and saying “Have a good day, I’ll see you after school” having NO IDEA that it would be the last time you saw your kid alive.  NOTHING could have prepared these parents and this community for such a tragedy.

So first we weep.  After we weep over this incident, I think we should simply come to grips with the reality that we live in a broken world.  My faith in the Word of God compels me to believe that the world is filled with sin and people are capable of doing some of the most heinous things. Pastor Ron Lewis at King’s Park International Church in Durham recently defined sin as “irrational”.  I agree that events like the Sandy Hook shooting are episodes that can never be fully rationalized.  No matter how much we learn about the shooter’s motives over the next few days and weeks we can never come to a place where we will be able to fully say “Oh, now that makes sense”  Sin is irrational by definition; a complete disregard for everything righteous and good.

The bad news is that no matter what we try to do to promote peace there will always be turmoil on this Earth.  Sin exists in the hearts of man and this world is full of brokenness.  While I admire the President’s heartfelt speech and desire to see real action taken to prevent mass shootings, Obama cannot rid the human heart of sin and the propensity to act in such irrational ways.  Neither legislation nor social reform can completely wipe away wickedness.  We can promote peace in part, but complete peace on Earth will not come until the Last Day.  But the Last Day will come, and that’s the Good News.

The Good News is that one day there will be a kingdom established on Earth that will be free from sin and lawlessness.  The Prince of Peace will reign along with all those who choose to follow Him during their time on Earth.  The Scriptures say that all of creation is moaning for the return of the Creator and the freedom of sin and suffering (Romans 8:22-23).  There will always be sin in this lifetime, but we can rejoice in knowing that there will come a day where all sin and those who practice sin will perish.

So how should this affect our here and now?  Weep, acknowledge our world is broken, pray thy kingdom come, thy will be done, and hope for a better day: when the Messiah returns to put an end to sin and reigns in peace and righteousness.

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