Posted by: rodalex87 | December 29, 2012

25 Year Old Black Man Learning How to Swim

In August an elderly volunteer at the YMCA where I work asked me if I knew how to swim.  After telling her that I had only a little experience in the pool she offered to get me instructions.  Seeing as my office is located right beside our pool, I thought it would be fitting for me to finally get in and learn!

I thought facing my fear of water would be the biggest lesson I’d learn from this experience.  BUT GOD would use my swimming instructions to teach me about His grace.  Each day I got in the pool I was being asked to do things that I had no prior experience doing.  As a result, I failed again and again….and again!  But my teacher was ever so gentle as she repeatedly gave simple instructions just to see me repeatedly fail to carry them out.  But there was much freedom even in my failure.  Since I knew that I was EXPECTED to mess up, I was able to just relax and just do my best, knowing my teacher would simply explain what I was doing wrong and how to correct my mistakes.

I think we have a misunderstanding of the grace of God.  Grace is not what we lean on when we occasionally do wrong.  Grace is knowing that ANY good we do is simply God working in and thru us.  Furthermore, grace gives us the freedom to wholeheartedly pursue the righteousness of God knowing that WHEN we mess up, our Teacher will gently instruct us how to correct our shortcomings.

So in the words of the fish on Finding Nemo, “just keep swimming” in the grace of God!



I am now a half way decent swimmer!



  1. I’m not quite sure I understand how Any good you do is by the grace of God. It’s kind of like saying that if you didn’t do good, God simply wasn’t gracious. Not sure I like that idea.

    Congrats on learning to swim!! God bless.

  2. interesting thought

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