Posted by: rodalex87 | November 16, 2014

Guilt of Resting

Twitter post October 26: “We take vacation to relax and do nothing, isn’t that what wknds are for? #unplug #rest”

I posted this on twitter after purposefully spending 30 minutes on a Sunday doing absolutely nothing.  I was not watching NFL, I was not reading, meditating, etc.  I simply sat on my couch for 30 minutes.  Within one minute I felt guilty for not doing anything because I’m used to always working.  It is amazing that we can feel guilty for not doing anything. Thankfully, I quickly settled in and used the time to just enjoy the fact I was alive and could sit still.

Today, we can be instantly connected to what’s going on through social media.  I believe that we are being trained to always be engaged with what’s going on around us.  This spills over to our jobs and the way organizations are ran. Therefore, I value vacations because it’s an opportunity to get away and unplug and simply enjoy my wife and the city we’re visiting.  But it hit me while I was sitting there on my couch; aren’t I already given 2 days a week where I can take a pause from work and simply be?  I get two days back to back every week to not work.  Yet, I always find myself trying to find things to do.  But I want to join the counter cultural movement to unplug.  So instead of waiting for my next trip; I am going to learn how to be more than a worker and enjoy each opportunity already given to me for rest.

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