Posted by: rodalex87 | January 3, 2016

Love and Toy Story 3

Draft from 5 years ago, never clicked submit!

Aimless Search For Love: Volume 2

Everyone wants to be loved and valued, and when that love is rejected, bad things happen.  I saw this portrayed beautifully when I watched Toy Story 3 last summer.  Remember Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear?  He was the leader of the toys at Sunnyside Daycare, the place Andy’s toys were relocated to.  The story of how he got to Sunnyside reflects the effects of lost love.

Lots-o’Huggin Bear, aka Lotso, was once highly loved and valued by his owner, a little girl.  But then one day she accidentally lost him and he along with a few other toys set out to find their owner.  When Lotso returned to his owner’s house he saw that she had already replaced him with another toy.  Lotso was deeply saddened and overcome with feelings of rejection.

As all teddy bears are, Lotso was soft and freely expressed his emotions before this course of events.  But then his heart was broken and subsequently became harden.  Early in life, we’re all open to receiving love but once a tragedy happens in life and rejection of love occurs, our hearts become harden as a defense mechanism.  Like Lotso, we listen to the dark voice that welcomes bitterness and a need for revenge.

Lotso tells his companion Big Baby that they were abondoned by their owner and uses his size to take control of all sorts of toys through words and organized crime.  Lotso would tell all toys brought to Sunnyside, including the heroes of the movie Woody and Buzz, that their owners had abondoned them and the only way to survive in this mean world was to stay at Sunnyside and let him be their leader.  This was an attractive option because at Sunnyside their were kids that would play with the once thrown away toys.

Lotso learned to gain control to get the love and attention he no longer had from his old owner.  We too react to rejection and abondonment to control our world, become our own gods, so we can get what we really long for…love.  Sadly, we’re only living a lie and never capture what we’re after…an aimless search for love.

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