Posted by: rodalex87 | December 21, 2011

Christmas Devotional

I have enjoyed meditating on the need for a Savior during this Christmas season. In church a few weeks ago my pastor shared how a mentor once revealed to Him that the original sin in the Garden of Eden was not a “big” sin. She did not commit murder or theft, she simply ate fruit she wasn’t supposed to eat. Sitting in the pew that Sunday, I realized that God’s hatred for sin is so great that He threw the first man and woman out of paradise for simply eating fruit.

If God hates sin this much, how great should His judgment be on all of us? But if God was willing to wrap himself in flesh and die in my place, how great is this mercy He extends to all of us? James tells us that “mercy triumphs judgment” (James 2:13).

May we remember the demonstration of Christ’ mercy this holiday season.


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